Looking For A Carpet Cleaning Service? Here’s Your Easy Guide!

Looking For A Carpet Cleaning Service? Here’s Your Easy Guide!

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There’s no denying that carpeting adds aesthetic value to home interiors. However, what remains a concern for many homeowners is maintenance. While you can do a few things to avoid staining and keep carpets clean, professional cleaning is often necessary, simply because dusting isn’t enough. Finding the right carpet cleaning service isn’t always easy, which is why we have listed the things you must know.

  • Don’t go for the flat fee. Gone are days when carpet cleaning services offered a fixed price for every cleaning job. The best companies will now prefer to send their executives for a quick inspection, and based on the room sizes and the job, they will offer an estimate. Make sure to get this estimate and evaluate what’s included in the price. If you are opting for upholstery cleaning, as well, you may want to check the costs separately.

  • Check the products used. Top carpet cleaning experts will use products that are safe for your home and those who live in it. The products must be particularly safe for pets and children, and like others, you should be concerned about the environment and ensure that the cleaning agents don’t harm the planet and environment.
  • Find the basics. Is the company licensed and insured? Typically, carpet cleaning requires moving furniture and objects, and in the process, things can get damaged. If the company isn’t insured, the damage is on you. Also, the workers should have insurance, because in case of a mishap or accident, the liability can be huge.

  • Ask the right questions. As a new customer, you have every right to ask a few basic questions. For example – How long will it take to clean the carpets? Would you work at my home when I am not around? How many people work for your team? Do you have an in-house training program? What kind of equipment do you use? The idea is to be sure that the company knows its job well.

  • Experience is important. It is always best to work with a carpet cleaning service that’s been around for a while. The better-known companies usually spend huge on their equipment, tools, processes and teams, and therefore, you can expect professional assistance for small and big jobs alike.

Finally, do check if the company can handle cleaning requests immediately, if required. To know the service better, you can ask for references, as well.

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