How you can Treat Scratched Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

How you can Treat Scratched Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

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It goes without saying: Regardless of how tough the conclusion in your new prefinished floor, over time it will likely be scratched. Scratches on hardwood flooring are an inevitability, and can lead to major damage if not treated. As the finished floor is resistant against moisture and decay, whenever a scratch will get deep enough to reveal incomplete wood it easier enables moisture and dirt to achieve the wood. Over time, this may lead to permanent damage..

Fortunately, there’s a couple of simple things you can do to deal with scratched prefinished floors. These steps are frequently utilized by novices to place-treat floors, however if you simply are uncomfortable or unclear about what you can do, please call an expert.

Disclaimer: It is usually smart to test the repair procedure with an extra bit of flooring or perhaps an off traffic part of the floor before attempting a sizable project.

Scratches versus. Gouges

There’s a noticeable difference between scratches along with a gouge. Scratches are light, surface-deep blemishes that may usually be repaired or refinished fairly easily. Gouges would be the flesh-wounds of hardwood floors blemishes. A significant gouge is a which has arrived at deep in to the incomplete wood and should not contain a fundamental finish. Boards with gouges have to be replaced entirely. If you think maybe your flooring has gouges, speak to a hardwood floors professional.

Repairing Scratched Floors

Lightly remove finish on scratch.

The initial step in repairing a scratched prefinished floor would be to lightly take away the finish on and immediately round the scratch. Both steel made of woll and fine sandpaper work nicely. Take care not to add new scratches in this process – sanding across the grain from the wood aids in preventing this. Sand only before the scratch has disappeared or perhaps is barely visible.

Clean the affected region.

All dust created in the sanding ought to be completely removed and also the affected region cleaned with rubbing alcohol or perhaps a light soap/water mixture. Do not get the region too wet, though, as it will require longer to dry and may seep in to the wood and result in a stain.

If required, fill the scratch.

Whether it would be a deep scratch, you may want to use wood filler to cover it entirely. Make sure to choose filler that suits the colour of the floor. Utilizing a plastic putty knife, smooth the filler in to the scratch and wipe off any excess before it dries. Wait for a filler to harden. If there’s excess filler still present, carefully sand it away.

Use a new coat of finish.

At this time, the scratch ought to be gone and also the affected region ought to be clean. Next, carefully use a new coat of finish to simply the affected region. A little paint brush is a superb tool with this area of the process.

Allow it to dry.

Now, waiting. It’s wise to pay for the affected region having a plastic tarp or garbage bag. Jetski from any dust or debris from stepping into the recently applied finish and being trapped there forever.

If done properly, the repaired area should merge nicely with all of those other floor. When the scratch was too big, or was really a gouge, you may want to switch the board. Fortunately, prefinished flooring was created in a way that single boards are simple to replace. You may also do-it-yourself for those who have extra flooring choices remaining from installation.

Obviously, the easiest method to fix a scratched floor would be to avoid it to begin with. Place rugs in high-traffic rooms, clip pets’ toenails, and put felt pads underneath the legs of huge furnishings.

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