7 factors you should consider before buying a front load automatic washing machine

7 factors you should consider before buying a front load automatic washing machine

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There are several models of front load automatic washing machines available in the market. In such variety, latest designs and price variation, it becomes a little confusing to find the Best Front Load Automatic Washing Machine which is suitable for all your requirements. Before you finalize your purchase, it’s better if you understand what features you’re looking for. Today we’ll tell you about 7 factors that you must consider before buying your front load automatic washing machine.

  • Semi-automatic or Fully-automatic

Automatic washing machines perform two functions; they wash the clothes along with extracting excess water once the washing is done. However, even in automatic ones, there are two sub-categories namely semi-automatic and fully-automatic. The former requires the user to manually move clothes from one operation to the other whereas the latter does all processes from spinning to washing, all on its own! Neither one option tops the other in terms of saving energy, but there shall definitely be the difference in the prices. Choose one that best suits your needs.

  • Does the machine utilize the Inverter Technology?

Inverter technology enables the washing machine to save huge amounts of energy thereby effectively reducing your electricity bills! LG, Samsung, IFB and Whirlpool offer the Best Front Load Automatic Washing Machine that fulfills this technology. Its main function includes providing the machine the ability to run at an optimum speed according to the load carrying capacity of the machine. They are installed with sensors that can determine the best speed at which running the motor would save electricity.

  • Lookout for Antivibration Technology

To buy machines that don’t cause havoc whenever they’re run, go for Samsung’s Vibration Reduction Technology Plus. It is extremely useful to control the noise generated from the whirring or vibration of a washing machine. They keep the washer balance stable along with controlling excessive noise. Visit this website to read the reviews about this technology.

  • What is the machine’s capacity?

This is a basic factor that many of us ignore. In the hope of buying a washing one installed with the latest technological trends, we often forget to inquire about its load carrying capacity. Do consider the number of people in your household, the frequency at which machine will be used and your long-term needs when deciding upon the washing machine’s capacity. Nuclear families can be satisfied enough with 7 Kgs whereas for joint families 9.5 Kgs are better.

  • Personal requirements

Every washing machine is equipped to wash clothes for specific purposes. So buying one for yourself to think about your particular needs. For instance, if there’s an infant in your home, then you’ll require a washing machine that has the ability to wash delicately without leaving any traces of residual detergent. If you’re allergic to detergents, then an anti-allergen function is a must in your washing machine. Or if you require one that can thoroughly wash sportswear, soiled and dirty clothes impeccably then IFB’s O2 Wash or Samsung’s EcoWash would be suitable for you. Hence, do think about your needs thoroughly before finalizing on any product.

  • Search for the Tub-Clean function

Another highly important factor is to see whether your chosen washing machine is inclusive of the Tub-Clean function.  Since these machines deal with dirt, grime, and soiled clothes on a regular basis, it is only natural that gradually bacteria will build-up from these matters. The Tub-Clean function is a must-have as it automatically cleans the tub thoroughly before you put the laundry, hence your laundry goes right into a sanitized tub. Great, isn’t it?

  • Pre-Soak function

The Best Front Load Automatic Washing Machine is the one that comes with the pre-soak function. This allows you to soak clothes in the drum prior to the commencement of the washing cycle. You can readily save a lot of time and energy as you won’t be needed to manually soak clothes before.

Your new front load automatic washing machine should have all these facilities like these will make washing clothes a lot simpler and easier for you!

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